Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

PR Bahasa Inggris: My First Day at Work ^^

On the first day of my work, I faced a lot of things that make me confused and nervous. Although it was not the first time for me to face people in hospital environtment, I felt a little bit nervous because it was the first time for me to work as a 'real' general practitioner. Moreover, Bethesda is a famous hospital and people trust it to get medical services. If I could not give them good services, they probably would complain to Bethesda Hospital and it would be a bad report for Bethesda's reputation.

Because of the big 'burden' I should bear, I must prepare myself with a lot of things such as enlarging my medical knowledge, softening my communication skill, etc. In order to enlarge my medical knowledge, I decide to read some practical medical books and evidence-based-medical journals everyday eventhough nobody forces me to do such things. And, for improving my communication skill, I have to force myself to be brave enough to 'say hello first' to other people no mattter what they may think about me.

People may say that I am very lucky because ormy parents also work as specialists in Bethesda Hospital. Moreover, my mother is one of the vice directors in Bethesda. But for me, it is not a luck or a good fortune to have parents as mine because it makes me feel in the 'spot light' of attention where people always look at me as my parent's daughter. There is a little worry that I couldn't satisfy or fulfill people's expectation. I know that I should not be a 'people pleaser' becaudse it would worsen my personality.

I thank to God because I have such great parents that always boost my moral and spirit whenever I feel down and unconfident. I also thank to God because I am not alone on the work field. I realize that my fears did not appear on my first day at work. I found that the senior doctors and paramedics were so cooperative and helpful so that I could learn a lot of things confodently. Although I still haven't managed any patients yet, I was happy because I could be myself and learn a lot of things about emergency room management.

Working is not a big burden, it is a calling. This sentence will be my 'motto' to encourage myself whenever I feel down at work. It is not about the money I could get but the satisfaction to serve God and others. To be a good doctor is a choice. I will remind myself that nobody forces me to be what I am now because it is my choice. The first day of work has proved that I can do all things through God who strengthen me and He always does.

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