Kamis, 30 September 2010

Working Is Not Just For Money

To work is one thing that people have to do to get what they need such as food, clothes, home, etc. Before industrial era, people who live in agricultural era used to work as farmers. They cultivated rise, wheat, corn, etc to provide their daily needs. They could exchange their products to others if they needed something that they did not produce. The system that does not use money or something to exchange goods is called as barter. Nowadays, people use money as a tool to simplify the process of exchange goods. As the time goes by, the agricultural era became industrial era, and the industrial era became information era. People do not exchange their goods directly anymore. They use money to get what they need in the marketplace.

People work as hard as they can to get more money. The harder they working, the more money they can get. When they get more money, they can get whatever they want. This condition makes people trapped to the system that force them to work hard just for the sake of the money they can earn.

It is true that without work, people should not eat. However, it does not mean that people should become money chaser all the time. Working is not just about the money. It is about how to make a better life. By working, people can develop themselves. They can enlarge their capability, widen their network, enrich their experience, etc. The most important thing is the satisfaction they can get through working. It is better to work simply but satisfy than to work hard but exhausted.

Money is important but it is not the most important thing. There are still a lot of important things beside money such as happiness, peace, joy, friendship, integrity, etc. If people only working for the sake of money, they can lose the most important thing. Money is only useful when people live in the world. When people cease away, they cannot bring the money they earn to the eternal life.

To remind people that money should not be the only thing that matter, people should live in balance. They can do something fun besides working. This is what we call as hobbies. People should find other things that make them interested in. When they find what they really enjoy to do, they can do it regularly to get fun and refreshment. Moreover, some people can get additional income from their hobbies. When people enjoy what they do, money will follow.

It is good to be followed by money, but it is bad to follow it. People are not created for money, but money is created for people. It can be concluded that money is not the most important thing that people should chase by working very hard. Working is not just about money that people can earn. Working is an activity to get satisfaction in life. People can get the satisfaction of life when they enjoy what they do. Therefore, people should do what they love and love what they do. When they have enjoyed what they do, everything they need, including money, will follow them.

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